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Masakazu Anai

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“primitiveFootstep” is a project by musician and painter Masakazu Anai.
From 1989 to the present, he has also been involved in the development of sound sources for Korg synthesizers.
In 1998, released the album "Cosmic Pandora" from BMG USA & Japan.
In 1999, released "LAKTIA" from BMG Japan.
In 1999, released "Phase" from Boundy.
In 2003, released "Visible" from Boundy.
Distribution will start from 2201 Records from December 2019.
In 2020, he exhibited his paintings at the "MADS FABLE" international contemporary art exhibition held in Milan, Italy.
Until now, he has been energetically presenting pictures, music and videos.

IMG_1796 (1).jpeg

◎ Main work


● Sound source development

Korg synthesizer, rhythm machine


● Engineer

Grammy Award-winning singer Jackie Ryan, Cyrus Chestnut live recording, album mix

Ron Carter & Miki Yamaoka Album Mix Mastering


● Event • Amusement

Hair Show Afloat Music Production Shinkiba, Tokyo ageHa @STUDIO COAST

SEGA Shanghai (China) Dark Ride Music Produce & Music Production

GQ Japan, Promotional DVD Music Production

Vogue Promotional DVD Music Production



Real Player Take 5 Sound Produce

PARCO TV Sound Produce


● TV

CM Bridgestone sound logo production

TV Count Down TV Neo Opening Music Production



Appeared on the 1st Earth Day.

SUPERB SOUND RESORT VOL.1 & 2 Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Open the door go to the Land Music production, on-site DJ

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