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"Art for Peace: Spreading Happiness through Creativity"

Updated: May 2, 2023

Art is something that brings happiness to people. It may sound simple, but it took a while for me to reach this simple realization. The concept behind my work is to provide art that can make people's hearts feel at ease all over the world. To be clear about this theme, it has been greatly influenced by the current war situation. I never thought that wars between nations would still happen in this day and age. Spotify listeners in Russia have disappeared, and artists who work in Ukraine are struggling to survive in the midst of the conflict. The reality of this situation and the impact of the words in the Chinese classic "The Book of Rites" that I was studying at the time, which states that "music must contribute to the normalization of the atmosphere of heaven and earth," were significant. I hope that someday the world will become peaceful, and that we can live in a beautiful world filled with wonderful art.



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