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"Exploring the Intersection of Digital Nature and Artistic Expression"

Updated: May 2, 2023

The concept of "digital nature," as explained by Yoichi Ochiai, is extremely fascinating. When the boundary between digital and natural disappears, new sensibilities and values are born in people. Although I don't fully understand it yet, geniuses like Ochiai will guide us. I sincerely admire the attitude of applying technology to various fields to make society better.

On a different note, there is a beautiful riverbank about a 15-minute drive from my home where fireflies dance every year. Recently, I have been filming the river and uploading short videos with a theme of healing to YouTube. When writing articles or blogs, I rely on ChatGPT every day for research. When I need to look something up, it's faster to ask an AI. Tomorrow is the day when I start distributing my music, so I'm preparing for promotion from today. Advertising is handled by AI, so it automatically finds and delivers users. Without this technology, I couldn't have delivered my art to the world as an individual. Yesterday, I tried using "kaiber," which automatically generates videos. You can easily make music videos with it. The new music video for my favorite artist Linkin Park was made using this technology. When the world of digital nature becomes more common, I think these tasks will become more natural and easier, and become more real. I'm so excited about the changes in the world to come.




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