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"From Studio Magic to AI Evolution: The Future of Creativity"

The recent advancements in technology have been truly remarkable. One thing that has particularly impressed me is music plugins. They've brought back the feeling of working in a studio from 30 years ago. The NEVE and SSL plugins, in particular, simulate the drive and warmth of analog consoles brilliantly. Hats off to the developers!

Back in the day, working in a studio was an exhilarating experience. Every day was filled with uncertainty, not knowing what might happen next. Those studio days felt like magic, a magic that could only happen in front of an analog mixer. However, as computers entered the studio and everyone started staring at screens, that magic seemed to fade. Perhaps it was because our focus on music diminished.

Around the early 2000s, I stopped listening to music almost entirely. Especially vocal music. It was a time when pitch correction and dynamic range compression became the norm. I was still involved in music professionally, so I can't say I completely stopped listening, but it wasn't the same. I lost that excitement.

These days, AI-generated music, including AI-driven rap, has become commonplace and even gone viral. While it's enjoyable as a form of entertainment, it lacks the depth of human creativity. However, the line between human and AI is becoming increasingly blurred, and we might be heading toward an era where AI produces and consumes music seamlessly. Whether this shift will be widely accepted remains uncertain, but AI's evolution is unstoppable.

AI-generated art and music have made tremendous strides alongside image generation AI. While I used to believe that art was the wellspring of human evolution, it seems that AI might play a significant role in supporting our progress. It's not just a concept from science fiction; self-evolving AI programs are becoming a reality.

In conclusion, I've come to realize that balance is key. It's worth considering a gradual return to analog approaches, even as we embrace cloud and digital technologies. Lately, I've been passionately creating art while simultaneously making music, using the art as inspiration for music videos once it dries. I'm leaving the business side to AI. When it comes to our interaction with AI and technology, a measured approach might be the best choice.

The future integration of technology and art is intriguing, and I'm excited to see how AI will support our creativity.

"スタジオマジックからAIの進化へ: 創造性の未来"









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