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The Power of Social Media: The Experience and Potential as a Creator

SNS (Social Networking Services) is playing an increasingly crucial role in our daily lives. I, too, am one of the creators who started using SNS in the fall of 2019. At first, I had no idea how to navigate platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but now I am sincerely grateful to my followers and those I follow.

Continuing creative work in isolation is immensely challenging for creators. Without a supportive community, it is difficult to receive the recognition our creations deserve, no matter how remarkable they may be. Personally, I experienced the fulfillment of having my music, which I painstakingly created, finally recognized and released as a record. However, it was not until I joined SNS that I realized the benefits of quickly sharing my work with others, and being inspired by like-minded individuals.

SNS is a space where diverse creators continuously share their creations with the world. Among my followers, there are several individuals who create and upload artwork every day, and I deeply respect their dedication. As for myself, I regularly post content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Although it was challenging initially, I have become accustomed to it over time. It is truly thanks to all of you that my creative drive has been nurtured. Having such companions is truly a blessing, as it is rare to encounter them in real life. Through SNS, my world has expanded, and I often find myself wondering why I didn't start earlier.

The advantages of SNS can be summarized as follows:

Sharing and Connecting: SNS allows us to easily share our creations and daily activities. By posting our work and ideas, we can connect with people from all over the world and receive reactions and feedback. There is a higher possibility for our work to gain widespread recognition.

Immediate Global Reach: Through SNS, information can be instantly delivered worldwide. There are no limitations of time or location, and we can reach a large audience.

Monetization and Business Opportunities: If utilized effectively, SNS can be monetized and become a source of business. Opportunities such as advertising revenue, sponsorships, and promotional activities arise from having a strong online presence.

Inspiration from Around the World: SNS provides a platform for interacting with creators and artists from various backgrounds and nationalities. We can gain inspiration and be stimulated by others' work. It allows us to discover new ideas and trends, further enhancing our creativity.

Continuous Growth and Evolution: SNS platforms are constantly evolving. New features and tools are introduced, and improvements are made based on user demand and feedback. As creators, we can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, updating our own presence accordingly.

SNS is a crucial tool for creators, enabling us to harness our creative drive and connect with people around the world. From my own experience, I hope that by sharing our creations through SNS, we can contribute to the growth of a peaceful art world. I encourage all of you to embrace the power of SNS and share your talents and ideas with the world.













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