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The Power of Art: Reflections on the Influence of Physical and Digital Experiences.

Last year, I saw an amazing painting in person - "Van Gogh: Sower with Setting Sun." It conveyed a power and passion that is completely different from seeing photos or images online. It truly felt like "living." Even now, the memory of that painting remains vividly etched in my mind.

Recently, there has been a development of the metaverse, and I wonder if there will be metaverse art museums in the future. It will be exciting to see if this kind of emotional impact can be conveyed when the number of bits in the space is infinitely increased. When I held an exhibition of my own paintings, it was said that seeing the paintings in person made a huge difference in how they were perceived. I think that the resolution of images on Instagram is still coarse, but in the future, digital spaces will produce things that are indistinguishable from reality.

In music, even today, 12-bit drum sounds are still considered cool and are used. Although the resolution of sound has increased, it cannot necessarily be said that sound quality has improved. In fact, recording methods from the 1970s using analog equipment are still considered the pinnacle, and analog records are popular among collectors.

My mastering process uses a very special method called "RE:Wave Mastering," which produces a sound that is similar to analog half-tape recordings. The details are confidential, but in essence, it involves intentionally cutting information to allow the sound to emerge. The result is a very natural sound. Although digital distribution is the mainstream today, I want to deliver the best possible sound to listeners.

As time goes on and computers become faster with quantum computing and other advancements, the number of bits will increase exponentially. However, in art, there are things that cannot be conveyed with just that, which is what makes it so interesting.

アートの力: 物理的体験とデジタル体験の影響に関する考察。

昨年、"ゴッホ:夕日を浴びる種まき人 "という素晴らしい絵画を実際に見ました。ネットで写真や画像を見るのとは全く違う、迫力と情熱が伝わってきました。まさに "生きる "という感覚でした。今でも、その絵の記憶は鮮明に残っています。






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