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"Melodies of Autumn, a Journey into the Colors of the Heart and the Silence of an Artisan"

I have recently released music centered around the theme of autumn.

The positive tunes, evoking the emotions of autumn, create a pleasant and serene atmosphere. The melodies resonate deeply with the soul, while the overall positive ambiance lightens the heart. This music is designed to harmonize with the beautiful landscapes of autumn, offering a warm sensation.

Please take a moment to listen.

Autumn is my favorite season. The slow flow of the air allows for deep concentration and creativity. It's a time to carefully plan and prepare for the coming year. Immersed in a kind of secluded world, especially during the Christmas season, I dedicate myself to creation without necessarily presenting my work to the lively outside world. It's a period of intense focus on creativity, contrasting with the festive atmosphere, all in preparation for the liberation that the new year brings. It's a time to gather energy.

The signs of life in the trees and rivers, the sounds and the air felt with all the senses, and the colors and vitality—all changing as we move towards winter. The indescribable beauty of the reds, yellows, and browns of the transforming trees can be expressed through art and sound, offering a delightful sense of happiness.

At the core of the sound is the essence of flowing rivers and the rustling of leaves in the wind. These sounds encompass all frequencies, forming beautiful curves. I express this through the use of various instruments. The pursuit of this sound has been a continuous journey. A sound that has breadth and envelops the listeners is what I strive for, utilizing a combination of analog and digital equipment. Engaging in this for decades, I may be considered a bit unconventional even to myself.

Regarding painting, my experience is still relatively shallow. Ten years ago, I had an experience at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine where the trees seemed to sway three-dimensionally and float. I'm attempting to capture that sensation in my paintings, focusing on presenting a three-dimensional perspective. Having a clear image before starting a painting is crucial. The approach is similar to creating music, applying musical techniques to painting. Stopping with courage before overthinking and distractions arise is vital. This is the fantasy world in front of my eyes.

Originally, I didn't think I had the personality of an artist. I wasn't assertive, unlike many artists who, from childhood, have had episodes of strong self-assertion and clashes with society. I consistently held leadership positions from elementary school to class representative, student council, and beyond, always listening to others' opinions and putting my own needs on the backburner. Although I excelled in art and music classes, possessing artistic sense and creativity, I lacked self-assertion. Reflecting on it after turning 20, I realized that perhaps self-assertion is crucial for an artist.

Due to the influence of my childhood, my music and art lack significant self-assertion, focusing instead on diminishing the self. I'm unsure if this aligns with the qualities of an artist, but I believe this era of social media allows for such expressions, making it a splendid time.












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