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"Rediscovering Art: Taro Okamoto's 'Art is a Decision'"

The phrase "Art is a decision" by Taro Okamoto holds a special meaning for me. While it's commonly known as "Art is an explosion," this particular quote resonates with Taro Okamoto's unique character.

About 30 years ago, I read a book titled "Today's Art," and at that time, I was dedicated to pursuing music and hadn't yet explored painting. However, this book became my bible and provided a new perspective through Taro Okamoto's works. Living in Tokyo, I had the privilege to appreciate Okamoto's art up close, which led me to revisit the book repeatedly. Each time, it prompted me to reflect on my own way of life and left me deeply inspired by Taro Okamoto's approach to life.

During my time in Tokyo, whenever I felt stuck or in need of inspiration, I would visit the Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum alone. It became a wellspring of fresh inspiration for me, and I visited it multiple times.

Recently, I revisited "Today's Art" and re-read it. I've also acquired and read other books, but the phrase, "Art is a decision," stood out to me. This statement makes me question my own path. After more than four years since my debut on social media, I feel it's time to return to my artistic roots, approaching it with the enthusiasm of a newcomer.

Taro Okamoto's works are brimming with life. I aspire to create such vibrant art throughout my lifetime. Drawing inspiration from the strength and individuality found in the essence of life, I renew my commitment to continue pursuing art.

「アートの再発見: 岡本太郎の「芸術は決断である」







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