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"The Fusion of AI and Chance: Creating New Forms of Art"

Hello everyone! Today, I want to talk about the world of art where AI and randomness intertwine, from a slightly different perspective.

In our creative activities, I've always felt a significant reliance on chance. In music and painting, it's the unexpected deviations that bring a unique charm to our works. This is a manifestation of human creativity, where imperfection forms the essence of art.

On the other hand, the evolution of AI has revolutionized the way we create. With AI, anyone can easily generate music or paintings, adding a new dimension to our understanding of art. My own experience with AI in creating paintings and videos has been like an adventure.

Art generated by AI holds infinite possibilities, determined by the choice of prompts. It’s a perfect blend of randomness and calculation. However, AI lacks the physical touch, leading to a different kind of attachment and emotion compared to human creative activities.

My childhood experiences with nature have greatly influenced my artistic perspective. The complexity of nature's randomness and inevitability is still beyond the reach of AI technology. Yet, exploring new possibilities of creation through AI paves the way for new artistic horizons.

Through engaging with AI, we find new forms of expression and step into an uncharted world of creation. The advancement of AI technology expands our artistic perspective and opens up new avenues for creation




一方で、AIの進化は私たちの創作方法に革命をもたらしています。AIを使えば、誰でも簡単に音楽や絵を生成できるようになりました。これは、既存の芸術観に新たな次元を加えるものです。私自身もAIによる絵画や動画生成を体験していますが、その過程はまるで冒険のようです。 AIの生成する芸術は、プロンプトの選択によって無限の可能性を秘めています。それは、まさに偶然性と計算の融合です。しかし、AIには物理的な触感が欠けているため、人間の創作活動とは異なる種類の愛着や感動が生まれます。




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