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"Reflecting on a Year of Artistic Journeys and Innovations: My 2023 in Review"

As 2023 draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the year. First, regarding my paintings: This year, I shared 35 works on Instagram, each representing inspirations from nature and expressions of my inner world. In music, I released 11 tracks, each a part of my musical exploration.

I also devoted myself to haiku, completing 30 pieces. This attempt to infuse deep meaning into brief words was a new creative challenge for me. In July, I started producing videos, using my music and paintings as a foundation, exploring this as a new method of self-expression.

April brought a special opportunity: I hosted an exhibition, showcasing my paintings to many people. This led to starting accessory creation using my paintings, a new venture exploring fresh possibilities in art.

A significant change this year was the rapid development of AI, which has made generating images, videos, and texts much easier than before. Although it took time to get accustomed to new software, I became fascinated by its intriguing possibilities. I look forward to creating more creative works using these new tools.

The evolution of social media is rapid, and every day is a learning experience. However, I feel it’s necessary to switch off logical thinking for creativity. Creating something every day is my emotional stability.

The world is unstable, with many facing various challenges. Yet, in the world of art, I believe we can create a fantasy-filled world, offering joy and comfort. As I continue this creative journey next year, I hope to deliver more works to you all. I sincerely ask for your continued support in 2023. "芸術の旅と革新の一年を振り返る: 私の2023年を振り返る"








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