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The Healing Forest: A Journey of Connection and Renewal ~ Chapter 1

A girl stood at the entrance of the forest, it was her first time there. Nearby, birds were happily chirping in the quiet, living forest that enveloped all creatures. While other forests looked distressed, this one appeared lively and joyful. Though the depths of the forest were dark and unclear, the girl was deeply interested.

Forests all over the world were broken. Destroying the forest was easy, but restoring it took much time. Forests destroyed by human greed drove away humans themselves. However, time could not be reversed.

Feeling a little nervous but excited, the girl slowly entered the forest, wondering what lay ahead. She expected fairies to guide her way, but none were in sight. Regardless, her curiosity overtook her fear, and she moved deeper into the forest.

In the forest, the pure and soft sunlight filtered through the trees and gently illuminated the ground. The forest air felt comfortable, and as she went further in, the forest grew brighter. Her anxiety gave way to joy.

Eventually, the girl found a large rock in front of her. Amidst the flourishing trees, the rock was the only thing that caught her attention. Slowly, she approached the rock. As she gazed at the rough parts of the rock, she realized that birds were chirping overhead. In response, she climbed up the rock. Though she sought the birds, the beautiful light spilling through the trees caught her attention instead, and she extended her hand towards it.

The birds began to sing in unison as if waiting for her, and the animals also started to make noise. Though the forest grew noisy, it seemed to be enjoying itself. The earth began to move in response. The land, the birds, the animals, and even the insects began to dance.

In the midst of the forest, she listened carefully and heard the faint sound of running water. It seemed that there was a stream nearby. She paid close attention to the sound of the stream. Each individual sound that she heard from the stream echoed and overlapped in her mind, creating new sounds one after another. As she listened, a nostalgic feeling welled up inside her heart, and it felt like it would never end. She felt bewildered by this new sensation, but at the same time, she was filled with excitement and joy.

She took a deep breath and slowly closed her eyes. Then she gently looked inward at her own heart. As she carefully examined the depths of her feelings, she found a memory from before she had a physical body. She was surprised. The sound of the stream had vividly brought back that memory.

The moment she encountered that feeling, a warm sensation enveloped her. It felt as if something was connecting her. She focused with excitement. She chose to move forward. Spinning each feeling like a thread, she concentrated on her heart without any distractions.

From ancient times to the present, from the present to the future. The beauty of the Earth and the beauty of the universe. Her heart was what connected them all. As she did this, 16 visions emerged between the trees of the forest and herself. These visions visualized what was in her heart. The sound of the stream had called forth her true heart. As she looked up at the universe, she felt a connection between herself, standing on the Earth, and herself looking at the universe. She sensed an infinite expanse. Things that had been separated were beginning to connect. There, her true self was revealed.

She remembered when she was a child. She always played happily with the small fairies of the forest. The fairies, who came from nowhere, were always either 12 or sometimes three of them. They always showed her the way, taught her where to find delicious fruits on the trees, and indicated where not to go because it was dangerous.

She also played with the trees, insects, and animals of the forest. All the living beings in the forest were her friends. She sang songs with the frogs. She always played chase with the rabbits. The trees often told her stories. The crickets told her when it was time to go home.














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