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The Healing Forest: A Journey of Connection and Renewal ~ Chapter 2

The forest became quiet, and she began to pray. Her prayer became a tangible thing, passing through the earth and growing bigger through the universe. The soft whispers of the forest trees and the blending of the water's sounds created a new space. The forest protected her gently, and the water always gave her fresh breath. She concentrated even more, and her prayer was shielded by that space and grew even larger.

The expanding space quickly traveled through the earth via 16 visions. People who touched that space felt the same familiar warmth in their hearts. It was an indescribable, pure warmth.

As the space continued to grow, people began to take action.

Those who lived on the other side of the earth put down their guns.

Those who opposed nature stopped exploiting it.

Those who mingled in the city stopped making poison.

Those who hid underground stopped plotting.

Everyone believed that something new would be born from that moment. They believed that something wonderful would happen someday, and that things they thought would never change would change.

The space continued to expand, sometimes nearly crushed, but steadily moving forward. That warm space that came from the other side of the earth was spreading as a tangible thing.

The released space never stopped for even a moment. She was protected by the forest while she wished for one thing.

"May everyone be happy."

Every time people touched that space, they took action.

Those who sought strength apologized for their loneliness.

Those who threw knives noticed their own wounds.

Those who tried to change the future left the past behind.

Those who carried sadness turned their tears into joy.

People changed.

Before she knew it, the warm atmosphere had naturally spread throughout the area. As a result, everyone began to feel a sense of joy. At the same time, the fatal wounds of the Earth, which were thought to be irreversible, were rapidly healed. Even the wounds of people who were thought to be incurable were healed one after another, as were the wounds of the suffering forest.

Then, the warm space circled the Earth and returned to the forest where she was, increasing in size multiple times. She was surprised as the space that was so large and warm arrived, and she opened her eyes. When people's thoughts are connected, it seems that time and space can be transcended.

The trees in the forest said, "We're happy~! We're happy~!"

She asked, "Why are you so happy?"

The large tree in front of her answered, "It's because everyone's feelings are connected and have returned."

She said, "I see. That's why I feel so warm."

The large tree replied, "That's right. That's why our friends' wounds have been healed. Thank you~."

The universe (Sora) said, "I've been waiting~. I've been waiting~."

She said, "I see. You've been waiting for this day for a long time."

The Earth, which is the foundation of the planet, said heavily, "You've endured well~. I'm happy~."

Although the Earth always looked like it was struggling, being trampled by everyone, it had been praying together with her all along.

She said, "It's good to see everyone so happy. I'm getting happy too. It's really good."

She suddenly felt calm and let out a big yawn.

She said in a light tone, "I'm getting sleepy so I'll go back now. Thank you everyone~."

She felt the clear space within the warm feeling.

She was curious about the sound of the stream, and a fairy appeared. The fairy guided her to the stream, which flowed beautifully beyond the bushes.




















森の木々は、「We're happy~!We're happy~!"と言っている。

彼女は "どうしてそんなに幸せなの?"と尋ねた。

目の前の大きな木は、"みんなの気持ちがつながって、戻ってきたからだよ "と答えました。





地球の土台である地球は、重々しく "よく耐えたね~。うれしいよ~"と。


みんなが喜んでくれてよかったね。私も嬉しくなってきました。本当に良かった "と。






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