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"Finding Inspiration in Nature: My Journey with Music and Water"

Updated: May 2, 2023

Today is the release day for my new music titled "Fairy". The image I had in mind was that of a fairy in the forest. I believe there are fairies in beautiful forests.

The other day, I ordered water called "Forest Guardian". It is collected from the upper stream of the Miyagawa river, known for having the best water quality. It was the official drinking water of the 2016 Ise-Shima Summit. I remember being moved by the fact that the water bottle was placed between Prime Minister Abe and President Obama in a photo at that time, as I had known about this water for a while. I also use "Iwato Salt", which is harvested from the sea downstream from the forest. The water flowing from the shrine forest surrounding the clean river becomes a very mineral-rich sea, and the salt harvested there is golden in color. I was very moved when I saw the appearance of the golden salt while I was helping to make salt in the past by boiling it in a pot.

The forest gives us many blessings, and I feel that something invisible is protecting us there. I poured my thoughts into the music while imagining such a scene.





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