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"Art Inspired by Nature: Capturing the Essence of the Natural World"

In my art, I draw inspiration from nature. Most of my works are visual manifestations of memories of the natural world. Whether it's a forest landscape, the sea, mountains, valleys, or rivers, there is life teeming within them. During my childhood, I spent most of my time playing in nature, fishing in the sea and rivers, and camping. Those memories are deeply ingrained within me. Even now, being in the mountains, by the rivers, or at the sea feels like the most natural thing to do. In those environments, I let go of any thoughts and surrender myself to the surroundings. Simply being in nature fills me with an abundance of negative ions. These experiences serve as the wellspring of my creativity.

There's something inherently nostalgic and comforting about being in nature. It feels like the most natural state for human beings. I vaguely recall that when we're constantly exposed to vivid digital images as children, we may experience a sense of unease when we encounter the real, unfiltered beauty of nature. The same goes for sound. If we constantly listen to digital audio, we might miss out on the enveloping sensation of being surrounded by live orchestral music.

However, I remain optimistic. I believe that as technology continues to advance, we may find ways to escape the constraints of our confined reality and embrace actions that are more aligned with nature. A world free from artificial stimuli could lead to a sense of nostalgia and provide us with the time and space to truly flourish. I believe that true mental well-being lies within such an environment. In a way, it's a return to our primal instincts.

As virtual experiences proliferate, the urge to seek authenticity grows stronger. When we're liberated from the constraints of time and various obligations, our souls yearn for genuine connection.

"Art Inspired by Nature: 自然界のエッセンスをとらえる"






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