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"The Future of Art and AI: Reflections on a World Filled with Possibilities"

AI is becoming a hot topic lately. As an artist, I have also been heavily relying on AI for document, image, advertising, and music production. Among the discussions of AI experts, there is the notion that most jobs will disappear in the near future. While I find this interesting, as an artist, I have mixed feelings about it. Artistic activities are human activities, so I wonder if the things we do will remain the same even as AI becomes more common.

Recently, I watched a YouTube live stream about health and was struck by the fact that in Japan, it is quite difficult to obtain safe food. In fact, I also find it quite time-consuming to obtain safe food, and I know that standards are even stricter overseas. However, I am optimistic that as AI evolves further and profit-seeking labor disappears, there will be an increase in labor that aims to make people's lives better. If that happens, the world will be filled with only good things, and diseases and conflicts may disappear. I am thinking about such a future that seems to be right around the corner.




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